Atelier, introducing myself

The brand “Il Pizzo Cotto” is born out of passion. Since my childhood I always loved every form of artistic expression, demonstrating curiosity and creativity as well as a marked skill in handiwork. In time, these dispositions have transformed the enthusiasm of a childhood game into a study and work career. My master degree in Art History and the expertise in restoring inherited from my antiquary grandfather, have taught me the value of matter, from very precious stones and metals to the ordinary materials used in our everyday life. My inspirations are nourished by travels, architecture, music heard for the first time and by all of those artistic explorations that enrich my life. The objects I design and realize have the ambition of portraying the lands, the events and the periods of history that have guided me in giving them shape. The process leading to the definition of each of these elements embraces laborious and diversified steps, from integrative restoring of old fabric to the research of new and innovative materials, from coloration with organic pigments to the “baking” of fabric and gilding. All of my creations are entirely handmade, which makes them unique. They are united, however, by a careful attention for details and by a constant research of quality and elegance.