Il Pizzo Cotto (the “baked” lace)

The recovery of old lace has marked the beginning of my work as an artisan. Everything started with the discovery of a traditional heating technique for the fabric, which I perfected and tested through various experimentations. Such technique, from which my activity derives its name, requires a delicate balance of various intertwined phases. The first steps consist in the restoring of the original lace base and in the subsequent coloration of it with natural pigments. The colored base is then fixed through a process of “baking” in the oven with resins that confer to the material resistance in time. Eventually, a fine gold-leaf layer is applied on top in order to give a refined touch to the final product. The laces that I use are mostly coming from old baptism and wedding dresses and they testify the skill of old embroiders in transforming a simple silk or cotton thread into a work of art. This collection is mainly inspired by the richness of Baroque culture and the numerous decoration styles characterizing the XVII and XVIII centuries.